Review: Black Spring

Black Spring – Alison Croggon Published: October 2012 Rating: 6/10 Sourced: Proof copy   I’m not a big one for re-tellings of the classics. Mostly, they seem to run the range between cliché and blatant plagiarism with a rare few stand-outs. Wuthering Heights, in all its Gothic splendour, happens to be one of my favourite […]

Review: Unspoken

Unspoken – Sarah Rees Brennan Published: September 2012 Rating: 9/10 Sourced: Bought copy Forest deep, silent bells There’s a story no one tells Valley quiet, water still Lynburns watching on the hill Apples red, corn gold Almost everyone grows old. And there we have it. If you’re not running out to buy a copy of […]

Review: Friday Brown

Friday Brown – Vikki Wakefield Published: August 2012 Sourced: ARC from publisher Rating: 9/10 I thought it was about time I threw in a review of a book by an author from my own country, so this week’s featured title is of one of my favourite recent Australian YA releases by the star author of […]

Dark Star – Bethany Frenette

Dark Star – Bethany Frenette Published: October 2012 Sourced: ARC from NetGalley Rating: 7/10 Ordinary is not a word Audrey would use to describe her family. Between her mother the superhero/vigilante ‘Morning Star’ and the psychic ability she shares with her grandmother, Audrey is well accustomed to strange happenings in her household. But none of […]

Seraphina – Rachel Hartman

Seraphina – Rachel Hartman. Published: July 2012 Sourced:  Bought copy Rating: 8/10 I couldn’t do this book justice in a summary if I had three years to try, and certainly not without giving away a few juicy spoilers.  Basic premise is this: in Goredd, humans and dragons co-exist – although rather unwillingly. With the forty-year […]